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An established Chilliwack business, we have been operating as an automotive repair facility since 1948. First started by the Schroeder family, John Schroeder and his son Jim Schroeder, operated successfully until selling to John Bier in 1974. John Bier, and his son Carl, carried on the respected father and son tradition until 1995 when John sold to his son. Carl then approached Campbell to be an active business partner at the time of purchase.

Family is important to both owners, and likewise to the staff they employ. Carl is a father of four boys, and Campbell is the father of one daughter. They are happy to be raising their families in their hometown. See each of their pages for their personal history.

Broadway Motors has a reputation of honesty, top quaility work, courteous service. We are well established, and we are proven to be the best independent automotive repair center Chilliwack has to offer.

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What this means to you, our customer

  1. BCAA has done a background inspection on us already. They have inspected our facility, our credentials and verified our reputation by randomly calling our customers.
  2. Under this banner, we provide you with a minimum warranty of 1 year or 20,000km, whichever comes first, under normal operating conditions. This warranty applies to all our work, parts and labor.
  3. Under this banner, we also follow their Code of Ethics which includes;Providing written estimates upon request before initiating any work, calling the customer if the completed work will exceed the written estimate by 10 percent, warranty coverage is not limited to the original Approved Auto Repair Facility ? if traveling, warranty can be exercised via another Approved Auto Repair Facility, upon completion of work parts are made available for inspection, in the event you are not satisfied with our work and we cannot resolve the issue for you, BCAA will provide arbitration, BCAA has the right to continually monitor our service, standards and workmanship, and can inspect the same without notice.
  4. We are also the only shop in the Lower Fraser Valley authorized for doing BCAA Pre-Purchase Inspections. This comprehensive 143 point inspection is the best value available to educate yourself on a vehicles true condition before purchasing one.
  5. We are also an authorized centre under BCAA to install their Anti Theft Immobilizer System. This passive alarm system is available to members and non-members, with the installation included. Safe and simple, we feel this system is the right choice for protecting your vehicle.




Customizations & Replacing Old Parts



Professional Inspections For Safety & Maintenance



Full Service Point Checklist Diagnostics

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Weird Sounds

As you drive your vehicle, be aware of its operating characteristics and normal sounds from the engine, transmission, driveline, exhaust system and tires. Excessively loud or abnormal sounds fall into the category of noises. They can be very helpful to service technicians when diagnosing the cause of a problem. The following definitions of common noises are provided to assist you in completing the diagnostic worksheet.

BOOM ? Rhythms sound like a drum roll or distant thunder. May cause pressure on ear drum.

BUZZ ? Low pitched sound, something like a bee. Usually associated with vibrations.

CHATTER ? Rapid repeating metallic sound.

CHUCKLE ? Rapid noise that sounds like a stick against spokes of a bicycle wheel.

CHIRP ? High-pitched rapidly repeating sound, like chirping birds.

CLICK ? Light sounds, like a ball-point pen being clicked.

CLUNK/THUMP ? Heavy metal to metal sound, like a hammer striking steel.

GRIND ? Abrasive sound, like a grinding wheel or sandpaper rubbing against wood.

GROAN/MOAN ? Continuous, low-pitched humming sound.

GROWL/HOWL ? Low, guttural sound, like an angry dog.

HISS ? Continuous sound like air escaping from a balloon.

HUM ? Continuous sound of varying frequencies, like a wire humming in the wind.

KNOCK ? Heavy, loud, repeating sound like a knock on a door.

PING ? Similar to knock, except at higher frequency.

RATTLE ? A sound suggesting looseness, such as marbles rolling around in a can.

ROAR ? Deep, long, prolonged sound like an animal, or winds and ocean waves.

RUMBLE ? Low, heavy, continuous sound like that made by wagons or thunder.

SQUEAK ? High-pitched sound, like rubbing a clean window.

TAP ? Light, hammering sound like tapping a pencil on edge of table. May be rhythmic or intermittent.

WHIR/WHINE ? High-pitched buzzing sound, like an electric motor or drill.

WHISTLE ? Sharp, shrill sound like wind passing a small opening.




Born and raised in Chilliwack, Carl started working at Broadway Motors from the day his father, John Bier, bought it in 1974. Carl has grown and gained valuable experience over the years and became a licensed technician in 1986.

Having worked 18 years at Broadway Motors, Carl decided to purchase the business from his father in 1995. He now continues the family tradition of helping customers in the repair and maintenance of their vehicles.

Carl is highly skilled, well-trained and considered on of the best diagnosticians in the automotive field. He has a passion for repairing automobiles and is driven by his personal commitment to help people.

Carl is very organized, thorough to details, and it is his concern to ensure your vehicle is properly repaired and maintained. Simply stated Carl is a hands-on, integral part of Broadway Motors.

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Campbell joined Broadway Motors in 1995, when approached by Carl to become an active business partner. Having been friends for years, Carl and Campbell decided to form an owner/operator partnership. Campbells interest in vehicles started at an early age. His father, Alex Murray owned a local automotive wrecker business. Campbell spent many years there gaining valuable experience. From there he expanded his knowledge and experience to include automotive parts and sales with Fortins Auto Parts Supply. He was with Jeff Fortins team for 6 years, until his opportunity here.

Campbells desire is to see a satisfied customer leave the shop knowing they received top quality parts and service at a fair price. He wants you to understand the value you have received, and that all of our staff work together to ensure your vehicle is repaired and maintained to the best of our ability.

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Government Certified Vehicle Inspection Service